Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Evolution of Man

That man evolved from certain lower primates is proved beyond doubt. Several fossils of prehuman, sub-human and cohuman fossils are discovered in several parts of the world. The antiquity of man is 1 lakh to 20 lakhs – depending upon whom one considers as exactly human as our imagination permits. Since evolution is evolution, a sort of change but no sudden or spontaneous creation, we cannot exactly pin point where an individual in the process of evolution is man and no longer subhuman. Africa, Asia, Europe abound in human fossils of various evolutionary levels. A fuller discussion on this would be quite rewarding and revealing but this is not the occasion.


man with desire said...

The theory of evolution includes the idea of lower forms of life evolving towards higher forms. Therefore, it is also believed that humans are descendants of some lower form of life. It is thought that humans and apes have had the same progenitor, which had animal features; therefore, researchers try to find skeletons. Their actions are largely guided by preconceptions and expectations. They suppose that beings like man have been on the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, in spite of the historical evidence showing that the history of mankind does not extend more than approximately 5,000 years in the past. Next, we are going to examine the evidence connected with these findings and how satisfactory they are.

xlpharmacy said...

Well I think that what we think is our history is so wrong, there are evidence of civilizations and humans before the current dates.