Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Springfield News-Leader Endorses Jim Lee For Greene County Circuit Clerk

From The Turner Report:
The Springfield News-Leader has endorsed Jim Lee, author of the Bus Plunge blog, for Greene County Circuit Clerk.

In an editorial in today's edition, the News-Leader's Editorial Board notes:

Lee has a history of dedication to jobs he has tackled -- including small businessman, teacher, work force development specialist for the state Department of Economic Development and southwest regional coordinator for the Missouri State Teachers Association. The latter job required Lee to balance many interests, work with people, lots of them, and steadily move toward goals that were not always easily achieved.

He should be given a chance to bring that discipline to a new, public role. Adept at representing teachers for years, he now deserves a chance to represent us -- in an important, overburdened government office.

The newspaper also expresses reservations about Helms' fiscal discipline, noting his 2003 bankruptcy, which was first revealed in the July 22, 2006 Turner Report.


Jackie Melton said...


Horse-farmer said...

Hey was that a Jim Lee sign at National and Sunshine this evening?????
south west corner??????

Isn't that Marsh's property??????

So BJ Marsh is for Jim Lee.......


Some clown said BJ wasn't for Jim Lee........

guess he was wrong too, just like McCain who is a maverick and will change his story and promises as he sees fit, never mind campaign promises.
Let's dye her hair blonde and put Barbie in the white house. Too bad McCain's first name isn't Ken!

congrats Jim Lee.

admin said...

Fat Jack endorsed him too, not that it made any difference.

The CDM said...

The shit disturber that is I, have endorsed you as well. That holds as much water as a collander.

Ron Davis said...

Now you've really gone and done it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you, Jim!