Thursday, July 03, 2008

News Releases, Potluck and Pickles

I am wavering whether or not to stop my SN-L home subscription. The costs keeps going up and I can read most of what is in it, except for the ads, online. Of course I will miss pickles.

An then, of course there is the aggrevations of it getting soaked whenever it is tossed in the rain. Those little plastic sacks don't always keep the paper dry. I have gotten to be quite efficient at drying out the paper in the microwave.

Seems like most of the news is packaged press releases anyhow and I can read them online, if I wish, at Life of Jason's website. He runs them verbatim.

Couple of weeks ago I posted on some maps and some articles I found on the web relating to Springfield. This was a hard hitting series of articles, complete with visuals that must have touched a nerve for I received an email from Cheryl Whitsitt asking me to call her regarding this post. She told me this was the newspaper's property and I had no right to publish it and would I remove the links. Apparently she had also spoken to the publisher of the website because the links were dead shortly there after. I did remove the map because that appeared to be copywrited.

So, I can get my press releases from Life of Jason, I can get local news and commentary from blogs like Jackehammer and this new blog on the block: Stu's PotLuck.

But dang, I am going to miss Pickles!bus notes: a reader sent me this:

A news story the other days said General Motors has dedicated itself to building an electric.The story didn't mention the recent documentary film, "Whatever Happened to the Electric Car?", which explains how a few years ago the company built several of them and loaned them to several people in California to drive. The drivers raved about them, but GM abruptly canceled the project and refused to sell the cars to the eager loan drivers. Instead, GM forced them to turn the vehicles over to the company, which trucked them to an isolated desert location in Arizona, where the cars were crushed and cut up like junk.
I seem to recall these some of these cars showed up, without batteries, on ebay a couple of weeks ago. Any readers recall that also? I'd do some research today but I got to get ready to go bury Mom.


Jason said...

Yeah, sometimes if a release comes in that's newsworthy and doesn't need comment then I post it as is.

Of course, there's many other posts that don't do that although I notice you neglected to mention that.

Anonymous said...

You can still get your Picles here:

Now I just have to figure out where I will get my Sunday ad's from. Dang.

The CDM said...

I do remember the EV-1 project, it was aworth while project in the making til GM caved under pressure from the oil industry. "Who Killed the Electric Car" is an excellent flick, I highly recommend to all those who are interested in the subject.

Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of the guy from the male enhancement ads? His expression indicates that the viagra just kicked in.

In an ongoing study that I'm conducting at pt job, we put a complimentary paper out daily. The only people that pick it up and actually read it are some of the seniors.

I let my subscription go last year, and have not missed it at all. I catch it online, mostly to read the opinion page and reader commentary. Love it when Roger Ray gets everybody flared up.

Anonymous said...

Like Jason, I see nothing wrong in posting news releases verbatim if one comes in that is newsworthy and doesn't need a comment. It's the issue of not crediting them as such that is the problem.