Friday, July 04, 2008

1964 Red Corvair Monza Convertible

I've posted about this car before. John mentions this photo in his comments on that post: "There is a photo of Alphonse standing next too it with Mom in the drivers seat somewhere."

Yesterday, after Mom's services, as John, Ed and Tom were going through the box of pictures Jane dropped off at the attorney's office, they found the photo, still in the its frame. I had thought it was lost. It is a photo of my Mom and her Dad, Alphonse Carl Bansbach, with Mom's red corvair. The photo was taken in the driveway of our house at 1822 South National. The house was on the SE corner of National and Sunshine, now it is a parking garage. Anyhow, this photo has pleasant memories for me. Thanks, Jane, for sharing these photos with your family. I will see that you get a copy of this one too.

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Anonymous said...

Alphonse did train sea lions did he? Looks like an outfit I might have caught in.