Saturday, March 22, 2008

Three Bansbach Girls From Shrewsbury, MO

April 30, 1944, my Mother's 16th birthday. Her sister Carole, 7 years old, on her right and her sister Evie, 9 years old, on her left. The photo was taken in Shrewsbury, MO.
May 30, 1978, Pleasanton, CA. Eleanor Bansbach's 80th birthday. Mary Lou Lee, 50 years old, Carole Lonergan, 41 years old, Evelyn Wells, 43 years old.

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Jackie Melton said...

My, you've been surrounded with beautiful women and beautiful smiles all your life.

Who could ask for more than that!?
(Well, at least, what man could ask for more than that? ;)

Happy Easter, Jim.