Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Branson board votes to support Christmas

Today in the SN-L, there was the following article: Branson Board Votes To Support Christmas

On the funny pages in today's SN-L, there was the following comic:


Anonymous said...

Connecting the dots for us once again. Your blog is a treat.

Jason said...

Are you planning to make new posts condemning political bodies any time they put up a ceremonial resolution for a religion or just when it's related to Christians?

Busplunge said...

You appear to be throwing up a red herring. My contention here is that the Branson resolution is nothing more than a thinly disguised marketing ploy to make money off of Christmas. And it worked. The city's Ozark Mountain Christmas got national exposure. Go back and re-read Darin's blog, then link over to Messenger's blog and look at the governor's Christmas card. The true Christian is truly Christ-like and lives his faith. WWJD? I think the better question is What Did Jesus Do? I think he would be appalled at the money made in his memory. Did he do something about this at a temple once?