Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bloggers Have Big Egos.....At Least This One Does

I sit down at the computer and make comments on events of the world and people read what I write. How Bizarre. Sometimes they even comment on what I write. How doubly bizarre. Sometimes they even send me nasty emails about the stuff I write.
As a tribute to all of us egotistical bloggers, I present the following: enjoy

Each week blognetnews ranks registered blogs in Missouri. This week, out of the top 20 ranked blogs in Missouri, seven of them are from the Ozarks!Life of Jason made blogrank of #1 and I made blogrank #13 on,. The other Ozark area blogs that made the top 20 list are: Dave Catonese's KY3 political blog.; Randy Turner and The Turner Report; the folks from over at Ozarks Politics; Andy Cline at Rhetorica aand Tony Messenger at Ozark Messenger--sort of a play on his last name and his profession.

Jason and I also blog for the Springfield News-Leader. Here is the link to Jason's group and here is a link to my group. We hope to see you there.

The SN-L is looking for members of their advisory team. Apply here.

Thanks for reading what we write. And read Roger Ray's column From the Left., he is so right that he makes the right have conniption fits.


Jason said...

"he is so right and he makes the right have conniption fits."

I think you meant to say "he's so intolerant of views other than this own that he shows how some on the far left hamper actual discussion of the issues." ;)

Busplunge said...

Jason, what I meant to say was, "He is so right and he makes the right have conniption fits."

Your comment proves my point! :)

Also, you don't think for me. You can only read what I write and have internal reactions to it. It may be a small point, but instead of writing "I think you meant to say....."- which is putting words in my mouth, a definate no-no because you don't know what I meant to say.
You (Jason) could have written something along the lines of "I (meaning you) find Roger Ray so intolerant......issues." By writing that, you are expressing your opinion of Roger Ray's writing. Which may not be the same as my opinion of Roger Ray's writings. Both opinions are valid and will have attractors and detractors. I won't change what you write into what I wish you would have written and I hope that you won't change what I write into what you had hoped I would have written.
OK? Still Friends? We'll go for a bus ride sometime and get some Andy's :)

Jason said...

You obviously don't know a winky smile means you're making a joke. I was trying to be lighthearted in response but apparently that doesn't fly with you so I'll make sure not to do so in the future.

Busplunge said...

Given your past posts about Roger Ray, ( and (, I wasn't sure if you were joking or not, regardless of the little emoticon. That's why I used the :) (standard smile) to show there was no hard feelings.

Jason said...

Oh, I don't have any hard feelings. I'm just not going to joke anymore because if you think that post I made was a "conniption fit" I'd hate to see what would happen if I was actually upset.