Saturday, November 17, 2007

Future Blog Posts: Playing in the Dirt

The wife is off this weekend, so we have been working around the house on this beautiful day. It was wonderful watching kids playing in the dirt.

Been busy working in the attic running wire and doing my twice yearly stint driving a truck for the St. Vincent DePaul Society picking up groceries for distribution. I got a 92 GMC/Volvo twin screw without Power Steering. Rough ride.

Especially when I swung wide pulling out of Smiley's to Head east on Bennett to make a right on Glenstone. I had my right blinker on, and got in the left lane ...actually the cab was in the left lane and the trailer was still in the right lane,,,,I pull up, get the green and swing wide to swing right when out of the corner of my eye, in the mirror, I see a little green car come up fast on my right side and head across Glenstone. I almost took you out guy, pay attention to blinkers and ain't nothing worth beating the light.


An interesting idea on why Jetton helped Plaster and Deniston and Woods are in on it.

Why is Blunt spending state money to do a federal job? Fox News on Immigration.

Romney, Rudy and John....Watch Out, Here comes Huckabee!

High desertion rate in the army and the state department won't force you to Iraq.

Remember Colin Powell and the Pottery Barn rule: look at Iraq.

Chicken hawks.

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