Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cow Tipping

Chatter has a funny posting about a cow that fell off a cliff and landed on a minivan. I guess it isn't funny if it is your minivan that the cow fell onto. The German's have a word for it: schadenfreude.

Somewhere in my internet surfing, I came across this road sign:
If fits with Chatter's post.
In other news, the hole in the backyard is slowing getting filled up. The neighbor and I put dirt and rocks and rubble from a rock pile in it. The two cement trucks cleaned out the cement hoppers and dumped the leftovers in the hole. I am so glad the septic tank wasn't in use and was empty! I wonder how many people have septic tanks in their backyards and don't know it. I knew there were some dogs buried in our backyard by a tree, but I never dreamed there was a septic tank back there! I was more worried about the cement truck crushing a sewer line that falling into a septic tank.

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