Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wearing Flag Pins and Putting Ribbon Magnets On Your Car: Marks of a True Patriot

Some things are just too hokey and transparent. I don't like those ribbon magnets on the back of cars. Tony Orlando tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree is about a convict for crying out loud. People wearing flag pins...wearing a pin does not make me patriotic. I was glad to read this today.

Is Bush a war criminal? Using the criteria that we (the US or A) used to prosecute Nazi war criminals (Godwin's law), the answer appears to be a yes.

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The CDM said...

See, that's what pissed me off about people after 9/11. All of a sudden, every damn person has one and they're waiving it, but for only a few days! Where was your patriotism before AND after. Don't just sell out for the moment. To me, it's like circumsion, go all the way or friggin forget about it.

Good talking point!