Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dead Beemer

cool old ragtop on ebay.......$3,500
new rack and pinion, struts, shocks........$1,000
money to ed to install.....$75
new paint, interior and misc repairs.....$3,200
new top....$750
gas for 8 years of driving....?
turning left on yellow and getting smacked by a 21 year old running the yellow...priceless

This is....was my little brother John's car. Nice car. Go for a long roof now John.

btw, what's in the garage under the car cover? And where's the beer fridge?
Trey and Austin started this stupid little game: anytime anyone says, "Jeff Gordon", everyone has to spit. The one who spits last gets thumped. Racedays around here are a lot of fun.

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