Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hilton's Makeover

Paris Hilton went to jail because she listened to her publicist who said she didn't have to do anything about her suspended license or something like that. The judge ordered her to jail, she fired her publicist.
Evidently, she's got a new one and he's pretty good.
After the brief fiasco of in jail out of jail, her press has been pretty good, she's found religion and wants to do good things with her life.
I thinks it is all a fraud. Look at this a picture from May 22, 2007.
Say,,,,,isn't that a bible? Isn't that a simple dress that covers her body, she's trying to change her image. All right, maybe we got a little of the Farah Faucett thing going in the upper regions, but that's ok, at least she is marginally dressed. I tried to find a picture of her not so marginally dressed, there are tons of them out there, but this is purported to be a family blog.
She's trying to change her image. Do Jail house conversions work?
Why am I posting so much about Paris Hilton?

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Anonymous said...

We'll know her conversion was real when she opens her show in Branson complete with devotional moment and obligatory flag drop finale.