Tuesday, June 12, 2007

$1 mil for Barry Bond's HR Ball?

Back when Mark McQuire (speelign his name correctly?) was chasing the home run record, I commented to a co-worker that something was funny about him,,,,McQuire, not the co-worker, I thought he looked like he was on steroids. My co-worker took almost violent exception to my observations. Now we know he used something in his quest.
The same with Barry Bonds, should he be in the record books? Especially if he used performance enhancing drugs? And, is his HR ball worth a million bucks? Not to me it isn't. One auction house is gambling that it will be worth that much.
Speaking of gambling, I always thought "Mr. Hustle" should be in the hall of fame too.

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Anonymous said...

So how much could one get for the sign on I-70 in St. Louis that proclaims it's the "Mark McGuire Expressway". I'm sure several law makers would like an excuse to take it down; maybe for a couple of bucks.