Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Truck Motor Coming Out

Spent the morning running parts: radiator hoses and oil pump take up screen from O'Reilly's, getting radiator cleaned and pressure tested at Republic Radiator and getting the exhaust manifolds tweaked.

I had planned on getting new manifolds but the only ones available that I could find for an "M" code motor were stainless steel and my cost was $333.00 a side. So off to Advanced Welding where Tim is making the old ones as good as new! Meanwhile, the Private Mechanic and his brother work on taking the old motor out and getting the new one ready to go!


Sara said...

It is like seeing my child having surgery! Good and bad... I hope she is okay!!! :)

Thanks Dad (and Mom)!

Anonymous said...

WHAT !!!!!!

You didn't do it yourself ?????

Getting lazy in your old days ???

Glad it is almost up an running, I need to borrow it for a week, so let me know when it is ready :>=


longrooffan said...

I remember doing that to an old Peugeot 504 in a freezing cold one car garage on Portland many moons ago. Got the replacement, used, motor back in and everthing buttoned up, including the hood back on and then realized I had put the throwout bearing in backwards. Needless to say, the second engine removal and replacement was considerably quicker than the first!!