Thursday, July 02, 2009

Rockaway Beach Fireworks Display, July 4, 2009

In years past, when Jack and I were really steaming along, we'd take the prize money we had won in the previous years and have a big cook out down at the lake cabins. Everyone who rode the bus in the parade was invited. Lots of fun, laughter and fireworks.

This year will be no exception. Oh, we've scaled back a little, pork steaks instead of KC Strips and Ribeyes. No fireworks shot off the deck. No preaching.* Just pork steaks, potato salad, baked beans and neighbors!

Nothing says celebrating America like fireworks made in China! Happy Fourth of July, Bus Riders!

Won't be blogging much until after the holiday for I am a busy man.

*After reading the comments on the SN-L article, look for another perspective of JRA's 2008 "I Love America" celebration in this world view.

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