Friday, July 17, 2009

Brenda Cirtin's Husband To Seek Legislative Seat

Chad Livengood reports on his blog,Inside Missouri Politics, that the husband of Springfield City Clerk Brenda Cirtin will officially launch a 2010 campaign for the 140th District seat in the state House of Representatives next Thursday.

Livengood posts that Cirtin's husband:

...intends to seek state Rep. Bob Dixon's seat representing the 140th District, which includes the east side of Springfield and eastern Greene County.

Dixon, R-Springfield, is seeking the 30th District Senate seat in 2010. Sen. Norma Champion, the district's current officeholder, is term-limited at the end of next year.

He is director of the Criminal Justice Program at Evangel University and owner of two businesses: Robert Cirtin Investigations, LLC and Safe at Church, LLC, a consulting firm for church security services.
The Cirtins hope to join the Twittys in the one spouse works for us and the other is elected by us arena. The power has to be kept concentrated.


Jeremy D. Young said...

Just a minor note. Bob Dixon is running for Norma Champion's senate seate, that much is true. The seat is the 30th district. 28 is held by Delbert Scott and is north of Greene County, covering several counties. 29 is held by Jack Goodman, running for the 7th Congressional seat in 2010.

Busplunge said...

Correction noted, thanks for the heads up. Livengood corrected it on his blog also