Friday, July 17, 2009

Ask Me No Questions And I'll Tell You No Lies....

This bothers me.
No, not the part about 101 full time and the 46.5 half time jobs left unfilled (that's a lot of jobs....and why are so many half time? And where are these jobs? Police?, Fire? Public Works? Does it really make a difference?)

No, what bothers me is our City Manager comment:

"The staffing shortfall is negatively affecting our ability to respond to information requests in a timely manner,We will, of course, continue to adhere to the Sunshine Law. While the law provides for us to seek cost recovery for the extensive research time and copying costs necessary to fulfill some of these requests, that does not mean we can recapture that time."

WHO is making all these requests? Those pesky reporters? Those folks in the peanut gallery who actually supply the funds that make this city run? Bloggers? (They talking about you, Jackehammer?)

City Manager Burris, I think you got this back a** backwards. You and your staff should doing everything in your power to quickly answer the questions of your public. We are the ones who with our taxes and purchases, make this city run. To imply that our requests for information take up too much time is ---well, if this was happening in a business world, see how fast the customers walk out the door. In Springfield's world, see how fast the voters say no.

Just because we question you or want to know information about our city doings doesn't mean we don't like you.

Geez, the third largest city in the state and the City Manager is basically saying he ain't gonnna tell us nothing unless we pay for it.

Yep, 1/3 largest city in the state is governed by volunteers and run by a guy who ain't gonna tell us nothing unless we pay for it.

Ok, I'm a busy man, I'm going to D Lake!

The bad thing about shooting from the hip is you run the risk of shooting yourself in the foot.


Jackie Melton said...

I think there are a handful of citizens who make inquiries of the City besides us infernal trouble makers.

I'd ask approximately how many inquiries they get through the Public Information Office but, I hate to take up their valuable time...I mean, they are terribly busy already, sharing all the information they WANT us to know about. (Besides, if posts addressing citizen inquiries are any indication of the number of citizen inquiries they are getting as a result of the City's blog site, City Connect, it doesn't appear they get many ;)

You know, I'd be willing to wager when the pension task force finalizes its recommendations and a sales tax is a feature of whatever solution the City management and/or City Council asks the voters to support that, all of a sudden, there will be plenty of time to "educate the voters" about THAT particular issue.

While the City Manager is not an elected representative, those he answers to ARE elected representatives. My suggestion would be, if any citizen has a difficult time finding out what is going on with THEIR tax dollars, they contact their general seat and zone City Council members, as well as the Mayor.

And, we should always remember, the City Council is the body which makes policy decisions in the City of Springfield, they must approve policy changes, and they have great sway over even those policies of the City which are decided at the City Management level, you might say ESPECIALLY then. While State statute gives the City the right and the ability to refuse to answer ANY question from ANY citizen lest it is posed in the form of a formal Sunshine Law request, it does not mean they are required or even should ask that of the VOTERS of the city.

Burris is in charge at the pleasure of the Council and the Council is in charge, individually, and collectively, only at the pleasure of those pesky reporters, the peanut gallery, bloggers, and yes, even JackeHammer, because we will decide who will represent us and if we ain't happy, chances are those elected representatives ain't going to be happy come election day.

Complaint Department Manager said...
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Complaint Department Manager said...

Face it, in some ways, Springfield just doesn't want to grow up. This is the same kind of mentality that brings a valid concept of "dry counties". To change the status quo would be to much for them to comprehend. It appears that laziness and greed run Springfield. The only way they'll change is if there's a way for someone to make an underhanded buck with minimal effort and they have absolute control.

Sad that progress and effeciency take a backseat to this kind of backward thinking. I don't care about making such a statement even if it does get me shot in the foot or otherwise, it just means I struck a nerve.