Monday, July 20, 2009

Let Me Refresh Your Memory.....


Anonymous said...

A long, long time ago...
I can still remember
How that blog used to make me smile.
And I knew if I had my chance
That I could make those people laugh
And, maybe, theyd be happy for a while.

But february made me shiver
With every paper Id deliver.
Bad news on the doorstep;
I couldnt take one more step.

I cant remember if I cried
When I read about his lonely bride,
But something touched me deep inside
The day Life of Jason died.

Don't anyone come near my elbow said...

Well there's fourteen hundred and fifty two jackleg preachers in Nashville and they can preach more sermons than the number of ants in a Tennessee ant hill.


Due to the implementation of the geographic solution, there are now fourteen hundred and fifty three jackleg preachers in Nashville.

Continue with the song.

HEY! DON'T HIT ME IN THE ELBOW! I'm warning you!

d5thouta5 said...

geez and I thought this blog was about old telephones....guess this means my comments about our phone number being two long rings followed by two short rings doesn't apply....