Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fungus Amungus Available, For A Limited Time, For Viewing On-Line

Fungus Amungus, a 105-page expose of local flood and sewage contamination conditions, written by retired investigative reporter and urban flood victim Wanda Sue Parrott is available for on-line preview. Parrott is the former representative of Springfieldians Against Stormwater/Sewage (SASS) neighborhood watch group near the Bass Pro campus and Wonders of Wildlife Museum at Sunshine St. and Campbell Ave., in Springfield, Mo.

She prepared and paid for this private 105-page exposé in 2006 for members of the SASS neighborhood, now part of the Seminole/Holland Neighborhood Association. It covers the 1900 blocks of So. Campbell Ave. and South Ave. which Bass Pro is seeking to rezone in order to build a five-story hotel or other commercial enterprise(s). A Public Hearing is slated for Aug. 6.

“Unfortunately, my former neighbors did not read the report when I finished it three years ago,” Parrott says. “Now it might be too late to take action that could have been beneficial, but I hope FUNGUS AMUNGUS will offer enough insight to help them make the wisest decisions.” She believes the zoning change will be approved, regardless of any opposition by neighbors, because “the city and Bass Pro need each other.” The report reveals legal and financial reasons she reached this conclusion. The book's format is an easy-to-read 50 Q & A approach.

The city purchased Wanda Sue Parrott's floodprone property known as “The Place of Weeping Waters” at 203 E. Washita St., Springfield on Feb. 2. She now lives in Calif. Launching of “FUNGUS AMUNGUS” as a public service will be Thurs., July 29. You may preview it now by following this link:

PS---- Don't pee in the lake.

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Maybe Desdinova has been sniffing The Revenge of Fungus Amungus.