Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OMG! I Just Realized The Only Reason Obama

Obama Wants To Push Through His Health Plan Is So He Can Kill All The Old And Sick People And Save Social Security! Apparently Roy thinks so too.The above photo was taken earlier this summer while the Bus was taking photos of his vacation getaway for insurance purposes.

Only the log chain padlocked around the dog's neck saved the Bus from being a victim of a lunging dog. The dog's owner's sister, who lives in the cabin next door to the Bus's vacation wonderland,(the dog's owner's landlord won't let her keep a pet so her sister watches the dog) said the dog is actually a really nice dog and wouldn't hurt you at all once you actually get to know the dog, insisted that it was her right to keep the dog and if it actually crossed over the property line, it actually wouldn't have hurt a soul. It's actually a nice doggie.

So why then, asked the Bus, why do you keep him chained up with an effin' log chain?

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