Thursday, February 07, 2013

More Obfuscation from Billy Long

In addition to signing the Koch Brothers' Americans for Prosperity bus while it was in Springfield on a campaign tour (pictured above), Billy Long has signed a lot of things that take some explaining...

“For the last two years I’ve pressed the United States Postal Service for real numbers on cost-saving options,” said U.S. Rep. Billy Long, R-Springfield. “Dropping Saturday delivery was one of the first questions I asked about and was surprised to see how little they would save by ending Saturday delivery.”.

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Is there anyone on staff with the SN-L who has institutional knowledge of Springfield, Greene County, SW MO and MO7?

Remember when David Stoeffler News-Leader wrote a couple of weeks ago that the SN-L would be watching out for us and even unveiled a little 'watchdog' journalism logo?

What happened David?, did you miss the boat on this? Or perhaps, because it was not originial content to the News-Leader you decided it wasn't news worthy?

To allow Billy Long to make a statement like above with no follow up questions is a pretty poor example of watch dog journalism.

Do you remember when Long added -- not signed, not read, not typed but WROTE in his own handwriting in response to the following statement:

"Privatization: I will support legislation aimed at protecting taxpayers by privatizing government sponsored corporations and enterprises such as THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, the housing government -sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the Tennessee Valley Authority."

Long hand wrote the following in the comment section under that statement:
"Entities like the USPS Fannie and Freddie are proven economic failures that operate at losses constantly. Service and profitability would be enhanced by privatization."

Long's crocodile tears and snake charmer words reek of insincerity, pandering and signify that his allegiance and votes are NOT to workers and constituents of MO---

Long has not given constituents any explanation of his statements or votes regarding this issue. As a matter of fact, he has not allowed critical constituents to question his votes, actions or statements on any issue. Why he turned into the FBI and Sheriff Arnott the names of people who dared to question his positions.

ah jeez.

Jim Lee


Anonymous said...

Ending Saturday mail would have some positive negative impacts, according to the Postal Regulatory Commission and GAO reports. Ending Saturday mail and implementing a five-day delivery schedule, the agencies said, would:
•save the Postal Service an estimated $1.7 billion a year, nearly half as much as the $3.1 billion projected by the agency itself;
•reduce mail volume and result in net revenue losses of $600 million a year, far more than the $200 million in lost revenue projected by the Postal Service;
•cause a quarter of all First-Class and Priority mail to be delayed by two days;
•negatively impact business mailers, local newspapers that rely on Saturday delivery, residential mailers who would be affected by longer mail transit times, and other population groups, such as rural residents, the homebound, or the elderly;
•reduce the advantage that USPS has over competitors that do not offer Saturday delivery, particularly delivering postal parcels on Saturdays at no additional charge;
•and diminish USPS's image, in part by reducing public contact with carriers.

Ending Saturday mail "would improve USPS's financial condition by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and better aligning its delivery operations with reduced mail volumes," the GAO concluded. "However, it would also reduce service; put mail volumes and revenues at risk; eliminate jobs; and, by itself, be insufficient to solve USPS's financial challenges."

Unknown said...

Yes and explain to me this, the subsidies to the for profit mail companies. You know, DHL, Fed Ex, and UPS. They make record profits by taking the profitable routes from the USPS. How do you say, Your rates are going up evermore, just because the USPS is not competing with them, Is it because congress critters tell the USPS to be unprofitable, create rules that make them unprofitable, and the next "probable rule change" after the pension mess will probably allow the use of your home post box to recieve mail thru the private companies, Thats why your amazon computer just got delivered to the rainny sidewalk in front of your house.

Anonymous said...

Ah jeez, Buchanan. Is there not any conspiracy theories you don't believe in?

The problem is the unfunded mandates for retirement benefits that have been granted to postal employees.

The USPS and State of California are inbred cousins.

Anonymous said...

I thought he was going on a diet? He's still fat?