Monday, May 21, 2012

Billy Long:

If you are like me and most of the voters in MO7

and are "FED UP" with Billy Long and his full of himself attitude--

I mean the man's a serial egotist--

Remember how he told he was "FED UP" with career politicians and their cronies?

He was lying to us. He played all of us for fools and suckers. That was just a campaign slogan that he blew out the window the first day congress was in session.

Yeah, the fat sum beach spent the first day congress was in session meeting with a lobbyist! He didn't even show up in the house chambers for the reading of the Constitution. When I called his office and expressed my displeasure with that fact, one of his handlers told me Billy had had a prior commitment and was unable to be on the floor at the time.

His prior commitment -- and Billy even tweeted about it-- he was meeting with Bill Phelps, former republican Lt. Governor of Missouri and current lobbyist for the fair tax people.

Billy blew it the first day he was in office.

Now it's time to say so long Billy Long!

We got to get Billy voted out and a decent person in there.

Jim Evans for Congress

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