Thursday, October 20, 2011

Billy Long's Business Plan

Sell a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you ruin a wonderful business opportunity.
Read more about Congressman Billy Long and his lackadaisical third quarter fundraising here.

The Springfield News-Leader has a great headline on its story about Long's pathetic fundraising: Long Coming Up Short


Anonymous said...

Long coming up short? Are they finally admitting this based on brain power?

Anonymous said...

A friend tried to talk to Long about the outrageous profits of the oil refiners, about 80 cents per gallon, whereby 8-10 years ago the refiners made about 10 centss per gallon.

"But there's no evidence to support that allegation."

" Well just look at the quarterly profits of the oil companies with refineries."

Long's eyes kinda glazed over and it was apparent he had neither the mental capacity or motivation to understand the seriousness of the problem, nor was he interested in investigating price gouging.

To say he is a sorry piece of crap would be degrading to crap.

Anonymous said...

Long's staff is holding listening posts next week across the district.

Apparently Long is coming up short on his ability to actuallymeet with his constituents who don't agree with his every position.

Anonymous said...

Go by Long's office and watch what is happening. A bunch of coffee drinkers. That'a about all that is happening. Curiously, the 7th District GOP is located two or three doors down from the Congressional office. Many times during the day, the federally paid staff are in the political office.

I've got friends with offices near this area and most days, they try to ignore what is happening so as not to get even further pissed off.

While in his office, pick up copy of 'Congress At Your Fingertips'. On page 22 is the 2011calendar. It list 138 (or there abouts) of days the Congressman is excused from being in Washington D.C.

WTF? And, Billy is having his staff listen to us? Where are you going to be Bill? 37% of the year, Congress is not in session. Would it be too much to ask for you to get off your butt and let us have a chance to tell you what you should be doing to represent our interests?

Sumbitch, I'm getting another headache.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody shed light on something called PoliticMO? It has been suggested that this news copier is the self-appointed, ass-kisser for Billy Long in the 7th District.

How can the media totally ignore the potential ethics violations suggested by other posters in these comments?

Adam said...

Thaanks for a great read