Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Art or not art?

On Craigslist now:


Anonymous said...

Lisa Rau?

Anonymous said...

Don't give Lisa too hard a time. She ran the front door for the Herschend family and did a masterful job of reporting how they 'moved Heaven and Earth' to save those folks stranded in four feet of water, overnight.

Just because she spends, apparently, lots of time in the buffet line with the tourists is no reason to point out her pudgyness.

How she got her job is another interesting story.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they 'literally' heaven and earth...I read that quote too.

I think she went to same school of self-promotion as "just call me Billy"

Anonymous said...

Or, is it, "just call me silly"?

Bushwacker said...

Is that for real? I cannot tell if it's a real art or whatnot...Hmmmm, leaves me thinking if it's her original artwork.

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