Friday, July 16, 2010

For All His Talk About Not Being A Career Politician, He's Sure Spending Money Like One...

"The More You Do For People, The Less They Appreciate It."

Billy Long Sends/Spends Lots of Campaign Money Outside of the Seventh District Instead of Investing in Southwest Missouri.

How much does Billy Long really care about Southwest Missouri? Well, judging from his campaign reports not very much.

Billy Long could have helped the economy in Southwest Missouri by spending donations made by Southwest Missourians in Southwest Missouri. Instead he spent thousands and thousands outside of the district ensuring people in other parts of the state and country are taken care of while constituents in Missouri's seventh do without.

According to Randy Turner at the Turner Report, Billy Long spent $71,623 with Strategic Media Services in Washington, DC, and another $39,543 to Rising Tide Media Group in Arlington, VA. Yes, Billy Long decided not to keep the money within the district and use local companies like Opfer Communications, Inc. Maybe Southwest Missourians need to remember Billy Long's disservice to the Seventh District when it comes time to make a real estate deal or an auction.

Billy Long also was taken advantage of by his advisers during the third period for another $24,000 leaving the district and going to Kansas City and Columbia. Long has invested heavily in his career politician producing machine, and his campaign contributions continue to slide. Jack Goodman out collected the Long campaign in what can be considered no contest during from April through June.

The real story is Billy Long chose not to use Southwest Missouri companies for his major campaign expenses--yet he wants to represent you. I think it's clear where Billy Long's loyalties lay.

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Anonymous said...

Let me ask you one question. Had you ever seen Billy Long before the campaign exhibiting his 'fed up' attitude or deep concern for the area outside of Springfield?

The answer is NO and you will not see his fat a___(behind) again, even if he wins. He'll take that attitude from the Hancock playbook.

Anonymous said...

He'll return us to the 8-years of the dark ages, just like when we had old 'give em Mel.'

Anonymous said...


You need to get to the coffee shops in Republic. You're losing ground.

Things were running smoother when Curtis was your front man.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that Curtis Trent signed Dean Moore's petition to appear on the ballot as an indpendent who would run against Billy Long in November? That's funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Lucas Case signed the same deal.

Anonymous said...

Billy sounds totally gay.

It's true, when he whines "I'm fed up" he sounds like an 8 yr old girl.

Maybe that's why they took his voice out of the ad that's running and replaced it with a bunch of old people telling us he's "one of us".

Maybe on Downstream night but the rest of the time he's just a redneck dumb jerk.

Anonymous said...

The man looks like a walking heart attack. He's a big pink pig with obvious high blood pressure.

Hope he's got good health care, he's gonna need it. Maybe that's why he wants to go to Congress.