Friday, July 17, 2009

$1.4 Million Dollars! I'd Be Grinning Too!

Roy Blunt raised $1.4 million this quarter and I am still getting phone calls (I got one this afternoon) from the RNC seeking more.

Who's my favorite NASCAR driver? Anybody but Jeff Gordon.
Who's my favorite Senatorial candidate? Anybody but Roy Blunt

If you wish to contribute to Roy's fund (Rely On Your Beliefs?) you can call 703 321 0527.

I wonder if Matt will give any of his money to his Daddy?

BTW--in my phone call with the RNC this afternoon, I mentioned that Blunt's name was slightly tarnished. The caller said words to the effect that we know, because of Matt. He also said they were not to mention Matt first.

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Horse-farmer said...

I've been trying to remember who Blunt reminds me of and it finally came to

The JOKER in the Batman series


I would say so........
time will tell.........

oh yeah, when I bought my second house, I sure knew I had to pay taxes on it........
and I ain't even an elected official......