Wednesday, April 25, 2007


1. Learn how to jump and down and imitate a local used car dealer, "What a Place!"

2. Start giving away the new gold dollars, they are smaller than Eisenhower dollars and don't weigh as much.

3. Frequent arenas where JQH hangs out.

4. Read about Sheila Wright, dog owner in the Springfield Community Journal.

Oh heck, Gary, just be yourself and try to live down the fact that you weren't elected unanimously. Why was Ralph even running again? How old is he? Is he drunk or just acts like it? More importantly, why did John Wylie and Denny Whayne vote for Ralph? Of course Ralph abstained. Reminds me of the Iowa guy who ran for city council and lost by one vote because he thought it was too egotistical to vote for oneself.....

Allright, so we complain about the Council having all these unanimous votes and now I'm complaining because two guys voted for Ralph. I can see it now, in the aft chambers, Carlson says we gotta quit these unanimous votes, people are beginning to talk, they will think we do all the discussin and cussin in private away from prying eyes, we gotta have some dissension. I know, Denny, you and John vote for Ralph.

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