Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Build Springfield

Reading this morning's paper about the Heer's building lead me on multi tour of the web's documentation of old buildings, specifically St. Louis.

I tried to find information about the developers vying for the redevelopment of the Heer's building: McGowan, Gill of St. Louis and Magers of Springfield.

I ended up at this site: http://www.builtstlouis.net

I grew up in St. Louis, moving to Springfield in 1964. My grandfather worked for ACF, American Car and Foundry. This company built railroad cars.

I can remember riding downtown with him in the early 1950's in his 1947 Chevrolet when he had to work on Saturdays. This was pre-computers and all his work with figures was done with pencil and paper.

I, and sometimes my brothers, would walk around the building, looking at the railroad cars and trucks parked downtown.

These are pleasant memories.

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