Saturday, April 09, 2011

Billy Long is looking for a Triple XL Cheerleading uniform

“There are those that have already purchased their cheerleading outfits hoping for a government shut down,” said Long at a press conference on the Senate steps. “Instead of playing chicken with our country’s future, Senate Democrats need to listen to the American people and get to work passing a bill.” Billy Long === April 3, 2011

Billy Long vote "NO" on the bill that averted a government shut down Friday night.

Long's motive...why be one of 300 who vote yes and get lost in the crowd when you can be one of 40 who vote no and get some camera time.

Remember, this is the guy who runs to a camera everytime one is shoved in front of his face.


Anonymous said...

Do they make triple xl or is that a special order? And will we see him tryout for the Cowboy cheerleading squad once the NLF lockout is over?

interloper said...

Mr. Lee, the voters in this community on multiple occasions have through the ballot box advisedyou that you and your opinions are irrelevant. Run again for some office so you can be a three time loser. It's nice that you have served the loser status very well in this community. Whose iis the biggest politcal loser at the ballot box in this community, you or Steve Reed.

Anonymous said...

Interloper, hey put the gun down.

Lee has more integrity in his little finger nail than most so-called conservatives have in their whole bodies.

Unfortunately for Jim and others, this is a district that votes conservative and then lines up for their federal and state handouts and or tax credits. They literally steal from the poor to enrich themselves.

Take a chill pill.


Brian K said...

Look up "Ad hominem," interloper.