Monday, April 25, 2011

Billy Long Fed Up With Town Hall Meetings that Make Him Accountable to Constituents

This is a guest post written by Bungalow Bill on 04/25/2011 – 3:57 pm PDT -- Politics

USA reports that Congress has returned home to their districts and many are holding town hall meetings. Here in Missouri 7, Congressman Billy Long must be fed up of town hall meetings. There is not town hall schedule for Congressman Long.

USA Today writes that many members of Congress are experiencing town halls where voter anger resembles that of a couple of years ago when Obamacare what the key issue. Now it’s Medicare that is driving voter anger.

So why isn’t Fed Up Billy Long conducting town hall meetings in the ten counties he serves? His Congressional Web site shows no Town Hall schedule why other members of Congress are holding them. Is Billy Long’s ego too big to face voters, or perhaps its his incompetence on the issues that makes him want to hide at art contests in controlled environments. Whatever it is, Southwest Missouri is being cheated of face time with their Congressman.

Oh, that’s right, Billy Long already threw a town hall meeting. He did you ask?

Yes he did. On the telephone, where the questions can be controlled because the entire event is out of the view of voters. Long can hand pick who asks the questions and avoid taking questions in an uncontrolled environment just like we saw during the campaign. There were few times Long talked that wasn’t in a controlled environment and when he did talk in an uncontrolled environment controversy followed because of his incompetence on the issues. Billy Long isn’t going to face questions from voters that he can’t control.

While I don’t like Senator Claire McCaskill, I will say this about Claire Mama Caskill, she at least has the courage to face voters even in hostile environments. Long’s own arrogance combined with his ignorance makes him believe that you won’t notice that he won’t hold town hall meetings in his district. Considering the important issues currently debated in Congress, Long owed his constituents a face to face town hall meeting in every county in his district–an unscripted town hall meeting that gives voters like me and you a chance to ask him questions he hasn’t prepared for.


Timeshare Jake said...

Long's probably scared to death of the ultimate question at one of these town hall meetings.

How do you keep a free market free?

Anonymous said...

There is only so many ways you can call someone a horses ass.

Damn that News Leader. I hope to God that rag goes right out of business. They simply will not ask the tough questions and have given this idiot first their endorsement, and now and a free ride. He's totally unaccountable for anything he does, says, doesn't do, etc.

Town hall meeting my ass.

Sara said...

I'm 30, and college educated, but no real experience in politics or economics, and I feel I could give an actual answer to how to keep a free market free. Or atleast bullshit my way through one. That video makes me cringe! Ugh!!