Friday, October 22, 2010

Republican Michael Wardell calls on Billy Long to step down

Michael Wardell press release:

Nixa, Missouri, October 22, 2010 — In light of recent allegations against Billy Long, Republican Michael Wardell calls on Billy Long to bow out of the Congressional race.

I am saddened and disturbed at the outlandish behavior of the Republican nominee, Mr. Billy Long.

In a time that our country needs men and woman that can stand up to temptations of life in Washington D.C. with steel in their backs, and proclaim truthfully that they can lead and direct our little part of the United States toward a better future, we are burdened with possibility of sending someone to Washington that is unable to assume the level of responsibility that is a United States Congressman.

Many know that I have already endorsed his opponent, Mr. Scott Eckersley. I did so because I felt that Mr. Long didn’t have the ethics, morals, and values to adequately represent the 7th Congressional District.

In light of the two individuals who have bravely come forward and enlightened the electorate as to what Mr. Longs’ true character is, I am asking my fellow Candidates that were unsuccessful in their own bid for the Republican Nomination, to withdraw their endorsement of Mr. Long.

I am not asking them to support Mr. Eckersley if they don’t believe in him, but to remain silent would be only show tacit approval of Mr. Longs’ hideous behavior, and ultimately further wound our communities.

I also call upon Mr. Long to put country, community, and the Republican party before his own political goals and ask him to step down to prevent further embarrassment to the conservative movement.


Anonymous said...

If you are a scotch drinking, stripper hiring, professional gambler, would not Billy Long be your first choice to represent your values in the United States Congress.

Anonymous said...

get the facts straight said...

Metropolitan grill is owned by an amazing woman. Its chief is a decorated veteran. Last Metro Mafia is a fund raising luncheon to bring in money for the police and firefighter fund that is close to bankrupt. i am not a big fan of Mr Long but I am less of a fan of people spreading facts that are false and only meant to be harmful and vengeful.

Anonymous said...

message to get the facts straight:

My wife is an amazing woman also.

I too am a decorated veteran.

I voted for the sales tax to raise money for the police and fire pension fund.

I am not a big fan of Mr. Long.

I also do not use the 'n word', cavort with strippers, refer to blacks or gay with derogatory terms and I don't pass myself off as something I am not.

Now, what facts are false? Is Billy lying when he says these allegations are 100% false? if so are they 75% false, 50% false?

Anonymous said...

I thought that Metro grill was owned by a man. A man named Pat.

Anonymous said...

I heard Pat ran off with a stripper and an amazing woman, his wife, wound up with the Metro.

I may have made this up but I hope it becomes the truth.

Anonymous said...

Its chef is a decorated veteran?

Its chef is a veteran decorator?

Its veteran is a decorated chef?

Anonymous said...

Michael Wardell is disabled veteran who is not so disabled that he cannot work full-time in his business. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

5:03, That is how some people take advantage of the system to keep a check coming from the taxpayer?

disabled veterans said...

Anon 5:03 and Anon 5:25:

Your comments are erroneous and do a disservice to every veteran, disabled or not, who has served our country.

Your attempts to denigerate a decorated, disabled veteran are uncalled for and in poor taste.

I notice Mr. Long never wore our country's uniform.

I urge the author of this blog to delete your comments.

In words you two can understand: stfu.

Anonymous said...

6:14, Doesn't appear to me that 5:03 and 5:25 did anything more than point out the unfortunate truth. I don't read in their comments that they are attacking every veteran who ever served.

What I understood was that any time you have a system, you will have people take advantage of that system.

Now in closing, thank you for your service. The last guy who told me to 'stfu' didn't like the response.

Having worked in the Mt. Vernon out-patient facility, I can guarantee you that some veterans believe they should receive free medical care, free medications, free counseling, free housing, and inflated pension and other benefits for life, and then bury them. Or do we already do this?

That would be nice if this nation could afford it. The last thing that needs to happen is to pit the seniors, veterans, and low-income people against one-another for government support. Wait a minute, we are already doing this.

Busplunge said...

Anon 8:06 PM

I am not understanding your comment. Are you saying that disabled veterans should not be able to work?

My brother is a disabled veteran, he draws a retirement check, a disability check and he too works at the out-patient center in Mount Vernon.

Are you saying that he is taking advantage of the system?

Please inform me and send me your name so I can put him in touch with you.

Jim Lee

Michael Wardell, USMC (Ret.) said...

Anonymous: 10/22/2010 5:03 PM

I Do not work full time in my business. I try and work a few hours a day when I am physically able to. I have had multiple surgeries on my spine and spinal cord. If you knew what the men and woman that have served this Great Nation or are still serving, you would not be so glib with your keyboard.
Most likely you are the type to enjoy the freedoms that this country provides and kept by the countless men and woman who have bled or died for a cause you would never understand, and then have the temerity to question those who provide the very freedom of speech that allows you prove what an unmitigated ass you are to the rest of us by questing my, the Department of Defense, The United States Marine Corps, and the Veterans Administration's integrity as to my and others who receive a pittance in disability payments that, in the civilian world would be millions in compensation. In addition because the disability pay is greater than the retirement pay for every Veteran we FORFEIT our retirement pay. Only under certain circumstances can you receive both.
So I suggest Sir, that you pull your cranium out of your sphincter, and put on a pair of boots, grab a rifle, and do what my new friend 'disabled veterans' suggests you do.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the things we are learning about Billy Long's followers. We hear the Republicans love the military, yet these attacks seem like they are probably from someone with a motive pushed by Billy Long's campaign. It's shameful to attack a disabled Vet like this.

Michael Wardell, USMC (Ret.) said...


"In addition because the disability pay is greater than the retirement pay for every Veteran we FORFEIT our retirement pay"
is incorrectly written, it should read:

"because when disability pay is greater than retirement pay every vet. must forfeit their retirement pay." the rest is correct.

Horse-farmer said...

Now hang on a minute.....
If you are a disabled veteran, and retired, and have less than 30 % disability = you loose 30% of your retirement pay, but receive that 30% tax free.
If you are 40% or more, then you can receive both the full retirement pay and the full % of disability pay.
I was 10% disabled since 1989. I gave up 10% of my retirement pay for 20 years, until my condition became worse. This past year the VA finally agreed that I should be rated at 50% disabled.
It's called "concurrent receipt", and thanks to "THE BUS" I found out about it and now receive both my full retirement (21 years) and my disability.
AS for Long - well looking at him, I imagine he needs to get elected so he can serve 4 years and get FULL RETIREMENT AND MEDICAL for the rest of his life....... and looking at him, I can't believe he is 55, looks about 75, and needing a lot of medical care.........

LONG IS WRONG = bottom of the line.

And BLUNT is even worse! Claims he pushed "Concurrent receipt" thru the house, hell he didn't support it until there were already enough votes in the house to pass it anyway.... the same way Blunt has supported EVERY Veteran's initiative........
Iraqi & Afganistan Veterans give Blunt an F for support of veterans.
Tom Lee

Michael Wardell said...

Horse Farmer:
You are 100% correct. There are some vets that were Med. Retired like me that didn't complete 20 years. (I did 17.) and the concurrent receipt issue is being addressed by congress but slowly. I believe the phase in is through 2015-16.

Thanks for your Service

Anonymous said...

Isn't the military still voluntary? So if you sign on to get shot at why would that then be my problem how you get your welfare check for life (it's all welfare to the taxpayer so don't sanitize it by calling it a pension check, call it what it is), free medical, free drugs, (wouldn't every American love that), etc.

I love the troops but I'm sick of hearing it. Sick!