Friday, October 15, 2010

Bob Dixon not only accepted campaign contributions from payday loan lobbyists, he's got campaign signs in front of them!

Driving north on Campbell Avenue last night, I started noticing Bob Dixon campaigns --why they're in front of dang near every, well, let's just say it seems that Dixon has got hte Mexican restaurant vote sewn up, and the Chinese restaurant vote and the Korean restaurant vote and the muffler shop vote, the tattoo removal vote, and the rent to own vote.

I thought to myself that I ought to take some photos but I was pulling a trailer loaded with a refrigerator and needed to get that unloaded. I told myself that when I got iceboxes switched out, I'd come back and get some photos.

I took my camera and was going to drive north on Campbell from Republic Road and take a photo of every business that had a Bob Dixon sign in front of it.

Heading south to Republic, I got as far as Walnut Lawn when I saw this Bob Dixon sign with an Eric Burlison sign piggybacking on the posts -- in front of a payday loan store! Last January, this story ran on the

Dixon Accepts $500.00 Contribution From PayDay Loan Operative--So Much For Cracking Down On The Payday Loan Industry.

Cash America, 1600 West 7th Street, Fort Worth TX 76102, gave a $500.00 cash contribution to the Bob Dixon for Senate Committee. The contribution, made on November 9, 2009, was reflected on Dixon's January Quarterly Report filed with the Ethics Commission.

Now, granted, this was before Governor Nixon mentioned how he was going to crack down on the payday loan industry. And before the Republican Dixon stood to signify his solidarity with the governor....I guess Cash America is one of the GOOD payday loan people.

651% Interest, at that rate, they can afford to give Bob a heck of a lot more money. And I'll betcha Bob will take it.

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