Friday, October 22, 2010

Co-worker corroborates claims against Billy Long

From the Eckersley for Congress:

Robert Bush, a former co-worker of Jennifer Case submitted a letter today corroborating the claims made by Case about Billy Long’s involvement with strippers at a Springfield upscale restaurant.

Bush’s letter referenced Long’s membership in the group called the “metro mafia” and his participation in “man nights” which included strippers on the bar of the restaurant. Bush was given the task of “taping the windows with brown paper, so as to limit the view from outside.”

The letter also confirmed Case’s allegations of racist behavior and illegal gambling.

I'm writing this letter to back up Jennifer Cases' statements about events that occurred at a local restaurant where I used to be an employee. As an employee I learned that Billy Long refused to have people of color wait on him. I was a cook in the kitchen and therefore never had to wait on him, but it was known among the other employees.

I was present for a "man night" as I was asked to work during that time. As Jennifer described, there were strippers present at the "man night." I witnessed them dancing on the bar. They were described as "Oklahoma City's finest." That night the typical "metro mafia" crowd was present--including Billy Long. Poker tables were set up adn gambling was going on. I had the job of taping the windows with brown paper, so as to limit the view from outside.
Robert Bush (signed)

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Anonymous said...

I've said it before, this whole "new bunch" running for the various offices across the country....tea party folks....most belong on the Jerry Springer Show NOT running our government.

The nerve of Long to even presume people will keep his dirty secrets. You can look at him and know he's no stranger to a poker table, booze, and women. C'mon. I'm sure he has no problem now calling these people liars, you know, they're just waitresses, bartenders, and cooks....dirt under Billy's feet types.

Years ago our local politicians held secret poker games referred to as the "prayer meeting". It was an inside joke and most of the county courthouse Republicans (there were no Dems in our courthouse) turned out for these "prayer meetings". Odd that it was the religious people who kept electing them all the while the politicians joked and committed blasphemy at their expense.

I wasn't laughing but the "players" thought they were a real cute bunch.