Friday, October 08, 2010

Got health insurance? HOT DIGGITY DOG!

During last night's debate, our favorite auctioneer was asked how much his health insurance cost. He didn't know. Ask his wife, he said.

Ah jeez, this is a guy who wants us to send him to Washington and he wants us to ask his wife how much his health insurance costs. For someone who wants to repeal and replace "Obamacare" you would think that he would know how much his health insurance premiums were costing him, you know, just sort of as a talking point?

But, remember this: on September 7, 2010, I asked Billy Long if he provided health insurance for his employees.

Billy Long replied "They're all covered, I've offered it to them, the ones that don't have, everybody's got healthcare, I offer it to them either in salary and that, and they always take it in salary, so."

Long told me, "everybody's got healthcare."

Then he inserted this caveat: "I offer it to them either in salary and that, and they always take it in salary, so."

But he said, "They're all covered." Then he said, "they always take it in salary".

Doesn't that mean that no one is covered?

More obfuscate statements from the auctioneer Billy Long!



Timeshare Jake said...

Billy Long has no sense of reality of what life is like for the common folk of Southwest Missouri. It's apparent he doesn't leave the gates of Highland Springs very often for a study in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Billy hollars hot diggity dog everytime he stops at a Sonic Drive-In.

You don't get to weigh 348 lbs with a neck size of 26 1/2 without eating a lot of hot diggity dogs.

This boy is working on poor health and we the taxpayer are going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for his health care in the near future.