Saturday, October 09, 2010

Boehner's plan in language even an (fill in the blank) can understand, to be honest...


Anonymous said...

Several years ago I was researching data on Social Security.

Most people draw out everything they have paid into the fund in 18 -24 months. 6.2% of a $500 weekly paycheck is $1612 per year YOU pay in. The employer matches it, but YOUR investment is $1612 per year. In 20 years YOU pay in $32,240. That's it. That's what YOU pay into Social Security, when that's gone, drawn out, whatever you call it...then your payments become WELFARE. Someone else pays it. Add "some" for interest your money earned. Let's say your payments and the interest = $50,000. It only takes 18-24 months to draw that much out and then it's basically a welfare check.

Let's double it to $100,000 to allow for the fact your employer matched your payments and the interest your employer's money paid in on your behalf earned.
So, in another 18-24 months you draw all that money out too.

Interesting when you look at it that way. My father always told us kids "figures don't lie, people do."

Social Security, however dear to my heart it may be, will never work as it is set up.

Add all the disabled, all the children of dead parents (my niece drew almost $1000 a month for 15 years after her father died. That's $180,000. AND she got free medical care from a state program in Missouri that the taxpayers picked up the tab for.)

Too few working stiffs paying for too many not working for whatever reason. The numbers will never work out without considerable government monies being put into the program to keep it afloat OR some people giving up income to keep it afloat.

That would be a real vote getter huh? Never mind the facts, the American people want it all or they vote the people out of office that talk seriously about reform.

It will tank someday and Americans will go back to savings accounts. What's sooo bad about that? Why cannot people save for themselves anymore?

Anonymous said...

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I guess I think we have an obligation to our elders and our sick and infirm.

If that means I pay more in taxes, then so be it.