Thursday, October 21, 2010

There's been many a slip between the cup and the lips"* Billy Long's values

KY3 explains the ad must run*:

The content of it will upset some people because of the use of the "n word" -- a word that is not usually used in broadcasts -- but KY3 and all other stations can’t prevent it from airing, and can’t censor or change it because of federal law.

“I have been asked by viewers as well as staff why we allow certain political ads to air. The truth is that television stations are required by federal law to provide reasonable access for ads for federal candidates. The law also says that, if the candidate appears in his or her own ad, then we cannot censor or edit it,” said KY3 General Manager Mike Scott.
The "n word" is not spoken in the commercial. It is shown on the screen as a part of the letter Case wrote to the Eckersley campaign.

In the letter the statement Case attributes to Long is: “We need to take back this country from the niggers and women running it… that’s the problem in D.C.”

*"There's been many a slip between the cup and the lips." Billy Long

In vino veritas?

by the way, what was that story on the front page of today's SN-L?

Oh yeah, I remember now.

*here is raw video of the KY3 story:  


Anonymous said...

So glad this ad is airing, Mr. Long will be an embrassment to this area and/or a puppet for Roy Blunt. God bless Jennifer Case.

Anonymous said...

Don't have a problem with late nights, strippers and gambling, but I am definitely with Janene Garafalo in taking issue with bigotry and hypocrisy...

Anonymous said...

Could somebody explain this to me:

Eli Yokely said, "(2) I found this on my own. Then researched it. Then reported on it as allegations - not truth. But they were legitimate allegations, from what I gathered.

Scott Eckersly said, "When she sent her letter into our campaign office....."

Not that there is anything wrong with Scott working with the guy and Eli Yokely to get the story put together and out for the consuming voter.

Maybe KY3 would like to look into these relationships. I wonder if their is a story there?

Busplunge said...

Anon 9:47 PM --

I'd try to explain it to you, but I fear that anyone who doesn't understand the difference between 'their' and 'there' ("I wonder if their is a story there?") probably wouldn't understand.

Anonymous said...

Whoops! I stand corrected about 'their' and 'there' and thank you for calling that to the world's attention.

Now on the less serious matter of Yokely and Eckersly, I await your insight I'll find someone to help explain it to me.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:47 - How much you want to bet she sent it to more than just the Eckersley office?

Eli Yokley said...

You spelled my name, Mr. Still Anonymous guy....

Anonymous said...

anon 10:45 PM

I hope she sent it to every news outlet in the state!

And I hope she auctions off the book rights to the highest bidder!

Anonymous said...

maybe billy will run that auction.... probably not.

Anonymous said...

Billy Long told the tv station: "It is one hundred percent false. It’s a flat out lie. Anyone who knows me, knows that it is completely false."

one hundred percent false
flat out lie
completely false

He would be a lot more believable if he weren't so vocal about her innocence. The more you try to talk your way out of it, the less people will believe you.

Long has a history, remember how he said he didn't gamble? Turns out he not only gambled but he is also a professional poker player.

Anonymous said...

I bet he cheated on his wife, no wonder Roy Blunt likes this guy.