Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's A House But 4 Walls And A Roof. Some Of The Ones I've Lived In Even Had Wheels

1968 Century, 50' trailer, our first home. Gave $1,000 for it. The man who lived in the trailer next door murdered his wife in the bathtub.

1968 Utopia, our first travel trailer. Bought at Deck's Campers on West Chestnut in 1974 for $1600.00. That's Stephanie and Fred -they are all grown up known with kids of their own.

1973 Mobiluxe Motorhome, The Land Cruiser bought from my Dad for $5,000. That's our daughter Sara I'm holding, except we called her "Sissy" then. She was maybe three-years-old in this photo. See the dent on above the rear tire? My folks took the family to Florida and had a flat tire. The guy who changed the tire didn't get the lug nutz tight and maybe 50 miles down the interstate the tires came off. Ed and John, who were just kids then, had to chase the tires down the highway. It's funny now, sort of.

Lil Jimmy Lee, 1978 Kountry Aire. Bought this trailer in Iowa, man had it stored in a barn, had to take the vent covers off to get it out of the barn. An honest to goodness barn find. Gave $12,000 for it in 1982, borrowed the money from the Catholic credit union.

I had to have this truck. This photo was taken in OKC campground right after a tornado went through, maybe 1986? All that happened to us was the tv antenna got blowed off. It's funny now, but we were all hiding in the bathroom of the trailer, scared to death. This incident just about ended our trailer living days.

Our newest trailer, a 1978 Airstream. We bought it from a couple in Pennsylvania for $5,000, what a trip!

Some houses don't have wheels, this one for instance:

This just in from "Fired Up Missouri":


It is inconceivable that a savvy politician who recently shed a "$1.6M Georgetown mansion" for which he had been collecting illegal tax benefits and associated grief would purchase land in an even more exclusive Northwest Washington neighborhood for $1.5M with his wife, secure a permit (or permits) for building, secure plans for a "custom designed 6 Bedroom" mansion, and then place said land and mansion plans on the market during an election year (but never manage to actually sell the land despite high demand) to deflect criticism about where he truly lives, his membership in "the old-school Georgetown social establishment," and his ability to offer anything other than empty poll-tested rhetoric for the people who are actually struggling to make ends meet


Anonymous said...

That's been the plan all along.

Anonymous said...

I still remember that shirt, says there's no asphalt in heaven. Think I got it when we played Knoxville during the sprint car nationals. All I remember about the motorbike is going to Florida in it, I think....

Anonymous said...

Dang spellcheck, that's motorhome

Busplunge said...

One winter in 1974 or 1975, there was an ice storm that coated the trailer in ice and your mom and I couldn't get out because the ice was so thick. Your grandpa had to come over with a pick ax and know the ice off so we could get the door open.

The door had a 'trick' to opening it, you had to hit it with your hip. I never could keep that dang trailer on the bubble. The concrete blocks it was setting on kept settling.

longrooffan said...

I got do a blog about that Mobilux. Got any more pics of it?

Busplunge said...

I want to clarify that the guy who lived next door to us and murdered his wife in the bathtub....that was in his trailer, not our trailer.

Anonymous said...

Yikes Bus!! You lived in a rough neighborhood.