Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stop Da Music! Stop Da Music! What A Revoltin' Duh-vel-up-min Dis Is!

Auctioneer Billy Long campaigned with the slogan that he was "FED UP with career politicians and their cronies." If he is fed up with anything it ought to be the conservative congress.

So, when he was endorsed by the group Conservative Congress whose platform includes supporting candidates who seek to dismantle Social Security, we started up the bus and started driving that series of interconnecting tubes looking in every dead end and under every rock, trying to find out more about these guys.

First stop- Conservative-Congress. These guys are way out there. The lede on their website: "Obama is cramming down our throat every thing we do not want..." gives an indication of where this group is politically. They think John McCain is a liberal Republican turncoat.

Also on the front page of their website:

To find worthy conservatives to support in your area, click on:
Also, if you would like to nominate a conservative for Congress to receive our endorsement who can meet a strong qualification standard, also go to the above link.
This link is to yet the says "receive our endorsement." Are the two groups the one and the same?

We clicked on, trying to find out who are the people behind this group. Notice the header topics? Home, then there is About this Project, followed by the Issues Statement (that's the page where Social Security is discussed), States, then links to Research, Candidate Evaluations, Forms, The Lobbyist.

That last one, The Lobbyist is interesting, especially since the auctioneer Billy Long campaigned "against career politicians and their cronies". If these are the guys he is fed up with, why did he accept their endorsement? Did he take any of their money, too?

This is what bothers a lot of voters in the 7th District about Billy Long: he was elected the Republican candidate (with a plurality of votes) by running on a platform of "Fed Up", with what, we are not exactly sure although, by the auctioneer's own words, part of that with what he is fed up includes "career politicians and their cronies".

Since that August election, Long has suddenly become bff with everyone and everything he campaigned against.

Most disturbing, aside from his duplicity, is his apparent endorsement of plans to dismantle Social Security.

Scary Stuff, this Auctioneer Billy Long.

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