Monday, September 06, 2010

Does This Mean Billy Will Debate Eckersley?

I was going to capture a tweet put up by Billy Long around 4:10 PM this afternoon, in which he says, "Yes we'll go if you have seats."

I was hoping this was in reference to a debate with Scott Eckersley.

I immediately retweeted Billy's tweet and replied to him @Auctnr1 that I would personally guarantee Billy a seat at the debate.

But Billy deleted his tweet.

Not to worry, it's up on Long is Wrong and I captured it from him.

BTW, when Billy deleted his tweet, he deleted my re-tweet too.

Busplunge @auctnr1 what about debates? will you go to debates? I will
save you a seat, fer sure! less than 5 seconds ago via web in reply to auctnr1

4. auctnr1 Yes - we'll go if you have seats 28 minutes ago via txt
Retweeted by you

From Eckersley's facebook page:

Note to William H Long II- the rest of us regular folks want debates. I heard it again today. Not sure if that message is making it through the gates of the country club community or Vegas casinos. I suggest you tell your out-of-town handlers that these times call for a rep who is willing to fight for the issues, not hide from them.


The CDM said...

What that dumbass didn't know, is that once on the send button, means forever on a server. Delete or not, there is a record including one from your Long is Wrong.

Since Long is Wrong posted it, makes it a lot easier than having to dig it up. Niiiiiiiice!

Horse-farmer said...

You guys comeon, he was talking about seats on the next plane to Vegas for the second round of ....

oh I almost forgot, he doesn't gamble anymore..........

word verify: DEFOOP