Saturday, September 18, 2010

They bought a lot for $1.5 million dollars? That's a lot! of something!

lot 16, house not included.

They bought a lot for one million, five hundred thousand dollars (scroll to page 5).

A LOT! A LOT for crying out loud! 1.5 million!

Missouri Values? From the Jo Mannies of the St. Louis Beacon:

Republican U.S. Senate nominee Roy Blunt and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee are battling over whether he really does own a $1.5 million lot and whether he is, or once was, planning to have an award-winning architect build a luxury house on it.

The comment is based on an August 2009 report on Politico , the online news site, that Blunt and his wife Abigail had sold their $1. 6 million home in Georgetown (once owned by John F. Kennedy ) and had purchased a $1.45 million lot in northwest Washington, with plans to build a house. Blunt's congressional financial disclosure form also has listed the lot.

Blunt campaign chairman Ann Wagner contends that the DSCC's attacks represent " the worst imaginable kind of mudslinging, character assassinations and outright falsification."

Replied DSCC spokeswoman Deirdre Murphy: "Roy Blunt is hiding behind his team of lawyers so he can conceal the truth from Missouri families. The bottom line is Roy Blunt represents the very worst of Washington and it’s time he starts answering to Missourians.”

Meanwhile, a Blunt spokesman said that the congressman and his family continue to reside in a home that they rent.

Frequent bus riders will remember these bus stops from August, 2009:

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Blunts By Lot in Washington, D.C., August 20, 2009,

There may be a method to his madness but it's a slippery slope he's on, August 21, 2009

Sorry about your hip, Congressman


Anonymous said...

The more I read about these Blunts the more I realize how truly awful they are.

I was in the area where Roy was last year and I didn't speak to him, all I remember was thinking, "boy he's a short little f---er". I thought he'd be taller. He's an elf.

Anonymous said...

Haha! I thought it was nice when JR cut medical care for working parents, but left it for those who choose not to work. Then upped security on the Governor's mansion! Why in the world did he feel so threatened? Little man syndrome?