Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back home from Pennsylvania

Got in last night (Monday) about 9:30.
Total trip was 2595 miles.
Going over Appalachia Mountains got caught in snow squall.
Barely made it up a hill, spent the night in school parking lot atop Mount Storm.
then a big truck wrecked going down the hill, killed the driver, so we sat on top of the hill until it got cleaned up and road cleared.
Stopped at flea markets and antique malls and goodwill stores on the way home.
Spent the night in motel in Cincinnatti, Ohio.
Spent the night in Walmart parking lot in Tell City, Indiana.
Man cheating on his wife or wife cheating on her husband, big fight in the parking lot at 11:00, two cars and yelling and screaming.
Huge parking lot and they fight right outside our trailer.
3 cop cars came and hauled them off to jail.
Spent the night in East St. Louis motel.
wonderful trip.
We like the trailer, tows like a dream.

Yeahup, gonna git me a laptop and wifi and blog on the road.
Some photos for your viewing pleasure!

We came across highway 50, stopped for breakfast in Gormania, WV, ate at a little cafe, the locals all said, "Why highway 50?" I said, "Cuz it's not the interstate."

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