Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why Are Billy Long And His Handlers Afraid Of Eckersley? Billy Long's Handlers Fed Up With Debates Agreed To By Billy Long's Handlers

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Democrat Scott Eckersley and Libertarian Kevin Craig have accepted KOLR/KSFX's proposal for a 7th District debate. As of 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, our newsroom has not received official word from Republican Billy Long's campaign.
Billy Long's Handlers Fed Up With Debates Agreed To By Billy Long's Handlers

KOLR/KSFX has a fascinating story out of the 7th District about the Billy Long's willingness to debate debating -- but unwillingness to actually engaging in actual debates. Long apparently isn't even allowed to discuss the idea of debates with Scott Eckersley on camera -- consultant James Harris has kept those responsibilities to himself.*

Remember as you watch this clip that Billy Long's campaign agreed to the debates Harris now says are "some type of media gimmick"

DC: On a serious note, I mean, that,that is a major (unintelligible)

BL: This whole thing hasn't been serious?

DC: Well, but you diverted me earlier. But the president...

BL: How'd I do that? I didn't mean to...

DC: Well the president...

BL: I'm not that good. I'm new at this Dave, don't be saying I diverted you.

DC: The president, well you know what I was talking about earlier, the president's plan to bring home most of the troops...

BL: How would you like to debate me?

DC: I'm doing that right now.

BL: Yes, no you're not. How would you like to do it on the campaign. I hear it's gonna be fun.

DC: I want to I want to hear some of your auctionering voice.

BL: I think you get me up against some of these people that are prim and proper and their handlers have told them just what to say and then you get me out there and I think it's going to be very interesting.

*From Auctnr1's twitter: Had a great meeting today with Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott - very interesting to hear what's going on and learn his greatest concerns about 4 hours ago via web There is no indication if during this meeting food was involved or whether lunch or snacks were served.

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Anonymous said...

Let's take a look at the real Billy Long. Tries to pass himself off as a good ol' boy, but grew up in Southern Hills, attended Greenwood and lives at Highland Springs. Tries to act like he can relate to the economic issues of everyday folk but made his living off of their misfortune. Yep, the only truth to come out of his campaign is the fact that he probably would have a stroke debating at high noon.