Monday, August 23, 2010

"I've Been Busy": Why Billy Won't Debate

Last week as news broke Billy Long's campaign team made debate negotiations impossible, my sources gave me two comical excuses used by the Long campaign to dodge the debates. The first excuse is Billy Long has already debated 17 times during the primary. Of course this isn't true because there were no actual debates during the primary--rather they were question and answer forums without any rebuttals.

The second excuse the Long campaign made was Billy Long's schedule is too busy right know for these debates. I guess they should have thought about that before agreeing to the debates in the first place.

So what does too busy mean in Billy Long's world? It means Billy Long is too busy playing to take the issues facing our country seriously.

Here's what we know Billy Long has done since backing out of the debates last week taken from Long's Twitter entries.

Had a nice visit with @johnesellars over lunch @ Whole Hog Bar-B-Q. We traded campaign trail stories & discussed a couple of upcoming events 4:23 PM Aug 16th via web

Had a nice visit this afternoon with Spook Whitener - He's excited for November as I am. 4:32 PM Aug 16th via web (Spook owns Trailiner Truck Lines)

Beautiful morning at Governor's Ham Breakfast @MoStateFair in Sedalia
6:17 AM Aug 19th via mobile web

Visiting Missouri Beef House @MoStateFair 'Beef - It's What's For Dinner' 9:10 AM Aug 19th via mobile web

Just back from .44 Mag Pistol Shootout at Saddlebrooke w/ Mavis- I don't think she's witnessed a lot of that w/ a candidate before- I won! 3:38 PM Aug 20th via mobile web

Big Gun Auction this morning 10AM Central in Springfield, MO - University Plaza Arizona Room 7:46 AM Aug 21st via mobile web

Headed to Branson to do the Benefit Auction for The MO House Republican Campaign Committee Summer Caucus 8:43 AM Aug 21st via mobile web

Springfieldian & former Major Leaguer Jerry Lumpe is in Classic Peanuts w/ Lucy & Charlie Brown Comic strip today about 21 hours ago via web

At Big Cedar Lodge in Branson a friend introduced me to Joe Hickey owner of Washington, DC eatery Bobby Van's Grill - can't wait to try it. about 21 hours ago via web

And this tweet from EricBurlison: Had a great lunch with our next congressman, Billy Long (@auctnr1). I am excited to see what congressman Long does to Washington. about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

Oh, and we also know from witnesses, Billy Long must read Long is Wrong. Apparently he read the article asking if Billy Long is healthy enough to handle the stress of Congress. He has been seen at the Meyer Center with a personal trainer as well in the past week. You have to guess being Billy Long's personal trainer is a hefty job.

I think we get the picture. Billy Long is just too busy to mess around wit dem dere debate thingies. I wonder where he gets time to study the issues facing our great Republic? It looks like millionaire Billy Long looks to play his way all the way to Congress.
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