Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Billy Backs Out.....Again

This just in from the Eckersley Campaign:
Springfield, MO 25th August 2010:

Billy Long continues to take voters for granted by rejecting invitations for public debate.

Since backing out of his agreement to participate in the Courthouse Debate Series, Billy has bailed on Springfield TV station KOLR 10, popular conservative radio station KSGF 104.1 FM, Springfield Chamber of Commerce, and a previously arranged forum at the Springfield Metro Bar Association. Other similar reports continue to flow into the Eckersley for Congress Campaign office and Billy is nowhere to be found.

“Billy doesn’t want to debate in each county at noon, he doesn’t want to do radio, he can’t handle TV, and he rejected a simple head-to-head debate at the Springfield Chamber today.” Said Eckersley, “This is the kind of gutless representation Billy plans to take to Washington. I plan to save him the trip.”

The Eckersley campaign will move forward by visiting all 10 counties and 19 cities.

Mr. Long is (again) invited to reconsider his decision not to debate, and meet Eckersley at any courthouse along the “Give „em Eck” tour –or on the radio, or on TV, or at any head-to-head debate.

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