Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Conversation With Some Of Those Who Are Glad Billy Got Elected

I had a conversation with a couple of dudes who live in this trailer down by Merriam Woods (quite possibly the 417 capital of the 7th Congressional District) earlier this evening. They had borrowed my appliance dolly from underneath my cabin and I went to retrieve it. I didn't realize it was playing a crucial role in the structural integrity of their trailer.

Knowing I dabbled in politics, the conversation quickly was steered towards last Tuesday's primary and how the two of them are just plumb tickled pink ol' Billy got elected. In hind sight this was not a dumb move on their part, it took the focus of the conversation off the appliance dolly and how it ended up at their place--which I still have to go back and get and onto the local election scene. But the only race they knew about was one that stuck a nerve with them: Billy's race.

"He's a good ol' boy and we especially like how he's fed up with the gubmint," said the skinny man who was a sleeveless tee-shirt and flip-flops.
The other guy, who was taller, had most of the teeth in his mouth, a mullet to die for and sorta looked like Junior., was more serious. He told me that since Obama got to be president, local law enforcement agencies had been doing a lot of patrolling in their neighborhood. "Hit seems like every time you turn around there's a cop in the neighborhood. A fella cain't hardly light a pipe without have 50 million cops all over you. They're just crawling out of the woodwork."

The skinny guy, who didn't want to be identified in this post---(ok, I didn't tell them I was talking notes or going to blog about the encounter, but I ain't worrying, I don't think they have internet access)--the skinny guy changes his name more often than he changes his underwear (Keeps them hopping, he says --I'm not sure who "them" is--- ex-wives? process servers? bill collectors?) Anyhow, this skinny guy said that it's got so that a man can't make a decent living anymore what with all the cops around.

Both men denied that they were cooking meth or had ever cooked meth in the past or had any intention of ever cooking meth again. (Realize they ain't the brightest sheep in the flock) But they were glad Billy Long got elected.

I asked if either of them voted for Billy. One said he thought his ex mighta, the other said he was fed up with the whole dang bunch in Washington and woulda voted for Billy but he couldn't vote because he spent some time in Jefferson City but he was innocent and he could prove it if he woulda had a decent lawyer. He was not a fan of public defenders.

I asked these men what they liked about Billy. Both of them said, almost in unision, earmarks, Billy will stop the earmarks*.

Finally getting their truck started, they had to use starting fluid (which explains all the empty cans around their trailer), they drove off. They hollered back if I knew where they could get one of those "Fed Up" bumper stickers.*they are for Billy because Billy will stop the earmarks which will cause the police to stop their overtime patrols and will allow the boys to get back to business.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Roe and James Harris know how to attract quality to a campaign, especially Billy Long's campaign.

d5thouta5 said...

was that a banjo I just heard....

Anonymous said...

Wish I'd counted the number of slumlords in Spfd who sported a Fed Up Billy Boy sign on their property.