Saturday, August 14, 2010

He Went Where??

From the Longiswrong website:

Since early this year, Billy Long has run from gambling accusations. He has gone as far as telling key supporters he never stepped foot in a casino according to some sources. He's fought against the gambling accusations despite his name being on several high-stakes games hosted by the World Poker Tour and other tournament organizers claiming his opponents started a "whisper campaign" against him.

So what does Billy Long do after denying these claims and alluding to them as smears? Well he does what any addicted gambler would do. He runs off to Las Vegas immediately after winning the Republican primary.
He Shoulda gone to Disneyland.
What do you think Mavis and Roy are discussing? --that local candidates are not jumping on the Billy Bandwagon? (Did Roy endorse Bill Webster after the nasty, nasty '92 gubernatorial primary?)

And who's the guy in the middle? Is he the leader of Mavis' beauties? Do we know now where Purgason's rug ended up?

Unfortunately, the 7th race took a nasty, negative turn towards as the primary date approached. An independent group fired a shot across Billy's bow and Billy, who promised early in the race NOT to go negative, spread a nasty, innuendo filled campaign spot against both NODLER and GOODMAN --- But now that the race is over and Billy's the nominee, Mavis and Roy's attitude appears to be "He (Billy) may be a sum beech but at least he's our sum beech."

I still haven't figured out what it is that he's is Fed Up about--I think it may be career politicians but Roy and Mike and Mitt are career politicians so that may not be it. It may be earmarks but those bring jobs and money to the 7th. I suspect that "fed up" was a slogan dreamed up in a smoke filled backroom at the auction office by the duo of Harris (he's a busy man) and Roe (he's been busy too). Like them, "Fed Up" sounds good but means nothing. But I do like this variation on the bumper sticker:


Anonymous said...

Well that is one unflattering photograph.

I think "Fed Up" is just one of many Tea Bag Nut useless euphemisms meant to agitate. Most of them are code for states rights, wink wink nod nod know what I mean know what I mean.

How and to what extent could Billy personally be fed up, except in the Vegas all you can eat food trough sense?

Fed Up and Jelly Tight

I wants me some laugh out loud yard signs and bumper stickers.


Anonymous said...

Bob Seger Ramblin Gamblin Man

The YouTube classic is Billy Long's official campaign song.

Anonymous said...

Long looks like he could explode any minute he's so fat. I mean, he's a walking heart attack waiting to happen.


Anonymous said...

...I don't know about his slogan "fed up", he should change it to "fed too much".

Anonymous said...

Mavis and Roy look related. Same lip, same stare.

They're both scary. She is way past narcissistic, thinks she's royalty or something -- even the Repugs hate her, they just need her. Someone tell her how ugly she is.