Friday, November 06, 2009

Stuck Jeeps

Frequent bus riders will know that 3 of my 4 brothers live in Florida. I'm not sure why, they just do.

When I think about it, not only do 3 of my 4 brothers live in Florida, but 4 of my 5 sisters live down there also. Not sure why, they just do.

My mother was attracted to Florida and moved down there after the Gentleman Farmer passed on through to the other side. Maybe it has something to do with our jeans?

As for me, I'm happy where I'm at. (You should know that the PvtRN and I spent a wonderful three days down at the B's don't get much better than that!)

While down at the B's Nest, I am without computer access....maybe that's good, maybe not.

Regardless, each morning either the PvtRN or I walk down the hill to the Taneycomo Market/Liquor Store/Pizzeria/Boat Dock and buy all of the local papers (except we don't buy USA Today-- I just don't like that paper) and two orders of bisquits and gravy --but that goes fast, so usually I get a bag of waxy doughnuts--you know, those minature chocolate donuts that come in a waxy bag and are mmm, good. Trudging back up the hill our lake mornings are spent sitting on the deck eating waxy doughnuts, drinking coffee and reading the newspapers. But no Internet.

This evening, upon our arrival back in the Queen City, (our trip to the lake was to winterize the cabins and bring the boat back so it doesn't sit in the water all winter and get full of algae like last last year--it takes too long to clean off the algae) I commence putting up crown molding with the able assistance of my two grandsons, Trey and Austin, and the neighbor boy, Blake (pictures here and here).

Our endeavors were interrupted by a phone call from the Horsefarmer. He wanted to know if I had been keeping up with the Jeepjunkie's accounting of his trials and tribulations with the family of jeeps owned by his family down in the Birthplace of Speed. I hadn't but I can assure you that after receiving his phone call I checked out this blog!

The Horsefarmer found it amusing that the Jeepjunkie was lamenting in a post over the stress involved in repacking wheel bearings and cross threading spindle nut bolts (see link above). What the Horse found even more amusing was that the reason the bearings needed re-packed was because "The Kid" (aka Jeepjunkie's son) got his jeep stuck pretty bad in some Florida muck -- as evidenced by the photo at the top of this post.

The Horsefarmer knew of some photos in a similar vein that documented the Jeepjunkie in like circumstances. Fortunately, I was able to find copies of the photographs (at first I thought they might have been in a box sitting on a shelf in 6's closet but that is a whole 'nother story) and I have posted them below.

These are photos of not ONE jeep getting stuck by Edward, BUT TWO jeeps getting stuck by Edward.

What's that old Ozark saying? Oh yeah, "the acorn don't fall too far from the tree."


Anonymous said...



Waht comes around.....


d5thouta5 said...

Yea well, I guess I am guilty.... should be noted that unlike "The Kid"....I am not just sitting there waiting for a tow...
Did anyone else happen to notice the sticker on the right side of that old M38 stuck in the creek...
Great memories those photos bring back...thanks....
the jeepjunkie...another reason to Celebrate Life........

Anonymous said...

Where's the Tractor ???