Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where Have You Been Billy Boy, Billy Boy, Where Have You Been Charming Billy?

He may have looking for more cherry pie, but judging from his tweets, I'd say he's been to a tea party!

auctnr1 That loud sucking sound you hear is the dollar, Capitalism, freedom & liberty going down the drain!!!
7:19 PM Nov 21st from mobile web

auctnr1 Stock Tip of the Week - buy any company that manufacters Jackboots!
7:13 PM Nov 21st from mobile webThe Wikipedia entry for Jackboot:

The boots are connected to fascism, particularly Nazism, as they were issued by the Wehrmacht and SS during early phases of World War II before Germany encountered leather shortages. When goosestepping on pavement, the large columns of German soldiers marching in formation created a distinct rock-crushing sound which came to symbolize German conquest and occupation. The same style of boot had been in use with German armies in World War I and before.

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