Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sausage And Onions Cookout

Sophie and her Grandpa Jim at Disney World last week:Meanwhile, back in Missouri, The PvtRn's brother is up from Texas. He is a master of the grilled onions, green peppers and hot sausage grilled over a hot Weber. Lil Jim's birthday was last week (he turned 33), Kristin and Karen brought the girls back from Florida and Mickey Mouse land (Sophie was telling everyone who would listen how she flew through a cloud....which is great because Sophie tells a great story for a two year old. Joe Miller (77 and still going strong) drove up from Lafayette to organize his high school reunion---there are only 3 of them left and Little Sam wore Groucho Marx glasses. All of these are good reasons for another (the first one was topped off by a visit from the SPFD, luckily we were using a fire pit!) November cookout in the backyard! A Wonderful evening!
Sam, Regina and Sharon

Great Scott and Lil Jim

Sharon, Kristin and Karen, still on Florida time.

Sophie tells us about flying through clouds.

The PvtRn's brother Sam.

Sharon taking a picture of me taking a picture of her. Kristin watches.

The girls at the chip table!

Sam: Wanna buy a duck? Sophie: I don't think so!

"Behold, this spoon!" says Sadie while Grandma watches approvingly!

Sophie, Blake, Mattie and Skyler

Peggy Crable and Joe Miller at the firepit

Sue, Frankie, Kristin, Scott, Jim and Lexie

Callie at the Weber with sausage and beer!

Skyler George, Mattie Turpin, Sophie Lee and Sue.


d5thouta5 said...

looks like a Grand time had by all parties....what's with all the big coats..??..guess the firepit was warranted and I trust the SPFD was satisfied by the arrangements...
seems to me it was another successfull family gathering judging by the little ones and the grins on their faces....

beats repacing a tub on a cj5-10 anyday...

Grandma Kath said...

Love to hear Sophie tell about Tinkebaw (Tinkerbell) flying and the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. "Boom". We sure had fun with those 4 girls last week. It's very quiet around here.

Horse-farmer said...

Thanks for the enlightenment....

what did the SPFD have to do with your firepit......
oh that's right, all the stations are manned today and they must have been looking for an invitation to join in on one heck of a wild (oops great) party

did you offer them a beer and a braut?

thanks for the memories

Sara said...

Looks fun! Sorry we had to leave early.