Friday, November 27, 2009

R S. No. 15, Mrs. Sippy's First Grade Class Photo, 1951

Back row, left to right: Allen Bino, Rufus Leaking, Jack Kass, Ray Dios, Otto Mobile, Mrs. Sippy, Mike Stand, Stan Dupp, Holden D'Mayo, Tom Morrow
Middle row, left to right: Tim Burr, Russell Leeves, Renee Sance, Peg Legg, Marsha Mellow, Lisa Karr, Reba Dirtchee, Rick Kleiner, Neil Down
Front row, left to right: Olive Yew, Paige Turner, Rhonda Karner, Polly Ester, Sheila Tackya; Shirley Knott, Minnie VanDriver


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Chuck U. Farley in this class?

Anonymous said...

The French twins must have missed that photo sit-Le'Mon Jello and Or'ange Jello.